Wellness Coaching with Tammie Ross, CPCC 

What is Emotional Eating?

Imagine this…you’ve just been told that your company is downsizing and your job will be one of the casualties. Immediately the fears kick in. How will I support myself? How will I ever find another job? Who is going to pay for groceries? In the next six seconds, you find yourself standing in front of the vending machine grabbing a bag of chips to soothe your emotions. Sound familiar?

This is emotional eating; you, reaching for food in response to your feelings instead of hunger.

How Can Wellness Coaching Help?

Wellness Coaching is a process of self discovery through one-on-one or group coaching sessions where the following is encouraged to help you:

  • Change the way you look at food
  • Identify the reasons why you overeat
  • Create different strategies for overcoming anxiety
  • Recognize how food is controlling your life
  • Reduce your dependence on food
  • Learn how the media affects your self-image
  • Learn life-long strategies to end yo-yo dieting and binge eating

Why Coach with Tammie?

Since I was 12, I’ve suffered from anxiety and compulsive eating. I longed for peace but didn’t know where to turn. For two decades, I struggled with massive weight fluctuations…from being too thin to overweight. I never felt good enough…thin enough. You know the story as I’m sure it’s familiar to you as well.

I knew I couldn’t “fix” this myself. Finally, I used my own wellness coaching strategies to get to the root of my issues to overcome binge eating and help me understand how anxiety was ruling my life. I soon learned to recognize my emotional triggers and discovered alternative ways of dealing with anxiety. It didn’t take long for major shifts to happen. Within months, I lost the excess weight, but more importantly, I found ways to identify why I was reaching for food in the first place.

As a Certified Wellness Coach, I can help you overcome anxiety and stop the emotional eating so you can finally take charge of your life. Eating is not the solution. Weight loss programs and fat loss gimmicks are not the solution. When life’s moments get tough, you must have healthy alternative strategies.

I am here to help because I know how it feels to dread each day.

If you are interested in gaining control over your emotional eating, contact me for a free 15-minute session. The only thing you have to lose is the weight!

Tammie Ross, CPCC

Wellness Coach

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Wellness Coach, Tammie Ross, CPCC

“When Tammie first offered me the opportunity to try a coaching session with her I was a little unsure of whether I would be a good client ― I was uncertain that I actually needed to be coached. Having just completed my second year of KidCoaching with Future Possibilities Canada, where I had assumed the role of coach, I had not truly considered switching roles.

“Tammie’s trusting and charismatic nature has opened me to the possibility that coaching is less about needing to be coached and more about wanting to take ownership of my own goals. Tammie’s fun and lighthearted approach continues to keep me accountable to myself and my passions. Thank you Tammie for asking ‘tough’ questions and always challenging me to take a risk!”
Andrea, Student
University of Western Ontari

Coaches Training Institute
International Coaching Federation
CPCC Certified