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These five words are often used to describe Tammie Ross. Tammie has a unique talent for helping others uncover their passions and overcoming the obstacles that are blocking their way to success and fulfillment.

Tammie delved into the world of personal growth at an age where most teenagers are simply trying to fit in. At 15, she left home for three months to live as a French Exchange student…and so began her foray into foreign cultures. Today, she has ESL students live in her home so her two young children can begin their exploration into the world of diversity and commonality.

Anxiety can feel like a death grip controlling every area of your life.

Overcoming adversity is a way of life for Tammie. She has faced her own demons head on as she conquered an eating disorder and smoking addiction…and not only survived but thrived as she re-claimed her independence following the breakup of her marriage, ensuring her children grow in a well-adjusted and positive atmosphere.

Her own experiences have proven that coaching is not for the weak at heart. It can be daunting work to look at your life honestly and then be willing to take that first step into uncertainty. But what joy it brings!

What would you be willing to do to look forward to each day?

Tammie lives her life with a strong belief in common sense, exercising the laws of attraction, and applying the power of positive thinking. She uses her innate sense of intuition to help others dig deep to clarify root issues and develop mastery skills to maximize their potential. Really, the client becomes their own best coach.

Life coaching is about forming a powerful alliance with others to inspire them to learn about their true self, realize their potential, and become fulfilled.  Using the strength and confidence gained from her own life experiences, Tammie continues to help others overcome a multitude of life challenges.

“Life Coaching is about helping people find their power, their passion, and their voice.  By tapping into these individual gifts, you will discover a world of inner strength and purpose. Then, sit back and watch the magical things that start to happen…”

Tammie K. Ross, CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active CoachCoaches Training InstituteInternational Coach Federation

Wellness Coach, Tammie Ross, CPCC

Partnering with you to overcome anxiety and feeling unsatisfied


“Working with Tammie has been a transformative experience. Her enthusiasm, compassion, awareness, and insight have provided me with the support to truly pursue the goals that are most meaningful in my life. I am indebted to Tammie’s coaching skills and continue to be inspired by her strength and sensitivity as a person and professional. I would highly recommend receiving life coaching from this truly remarkable individual.”
T.G. London, ON

Tammie Ross Credentials:

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaches Federation

Member International Coaches Federation

Founder of “Women Together”- Non-profit mentoring program for women

Vice-Chair of Board of Directors, Daya Counseling

Member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers