Programs with Tammie Ross

Individual Coaching

Are you a professional struggling with anxiety, or low self esteem and do you find yourself trapped in a career that is unsatisfying?  Would you like to create change or apply the potential you know you already have to succeed at what matters most to you?

Through private, non-judgmental sessions either in person or by telephone, you’ll learn why you feel the need to make a change and how best to go about it.  We will help you to uncover the fears and anxieties that are limiting your potential and provide the safe space to create new ways of responding to old worries. This, in turn, will help you create life-long balance!

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Emotional Weight Loss Program

Join Tammie Ross, CPCC, Certified Wellness Coach for a 12-week program that will DRAMATICALLY change your relationship to food. The goals of this personalized coaching program are to radically improve your life, resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results in weight loss using tools such as the “Future Self” visualization, SMART goal setting, and the Wheel of Life to help you achieve the life you desire and deserve!

Sessions are either in person in London, Ontario or by teleconference.

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Tammie K. Ross, BA (Hons), CPCC, CIP

Wellness Coach, Tammie Ross, CPCC“Participating in the Life Coaching with Tammie Ross has been an invaluable opportunity to evaluate where I am, what really motivates me and what gets me up in the morning. Along with some reflective work, the focus was on the present with a strengths-based approach so it motivated me to follow through with my goals and plans especially where I was feeling “stuck”. I was able to accomplish a couple of difficult issues in a very short period of time and just doing that has relieved a huge amount of stress. It was a pleasure.”
Shelley Yeo Director Transition & Community Programs

Tammie Ross Credentials:

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coaches Training Institute

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaches Federation

Member International Coaches Federation

Founder of “Women Together”- Non-profit mentoring program for women

Vice-Chair of Board of Directors, Daya Counseling

Member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers